Made from ancient Kauri wood, over 45,000 year old. Over 45,000 years ago dense Kauri forests grew on an island between the Tasmanian Sea and the Pacific Ocean – on the northern island of New Zealand. Before the onset of the last ice age an unexplainable act of nature buried the trees just below the surface of a peat swamp. This underground resting place, sealed from the air, became a perfectly balanced cocoon that preserved the giant trees. The ancient Kauri wood is unique: it is the world’s oldest workable wood. Online is honored to launch this unique collection of pens, every piece is a unique specimen and a collectible investment. Each pen includes a certificate of authenticity stating that the pen is hand crafted from ancient Kauri wood aged between 30,000 years and over 50,000 years. 20 specimens of the wood were tested by means of radio carbon dating for an age of at least 45,000 years. Three tests were conducted by the University of Waikato in New Zealand, The University of Sydney in Australia and the nuclear institute of New Zealand, as well as the Institute for Particle Physics in Zurich, Switzerland.